Cupping Chiang Mai

Curious about cupping therapy and its benefits? Discover an ancient perspective through this traditional healing method at Cupping Chiang Mai, Thailand. Find out about the detoxifying effects and health enhancements it offers.

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Discover the Benefits of Cupping Chiang Mai

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Personalized Treatment

We make the cupping treatment just for you, changing each session for your special needs and worries. Our skilled practitioner mixes the old art of cupping with new methods to give you a calming and helpful experience.

Experienced Practitioner

With years of practice and a great knowledge of cupping therapy, our expert is committed to giving you the best care. From easing pain to helping you relax, our expert uses their knowledge and a gentle hand in each session.

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Holistic Approach

Our cupping therapy does more than just deal with physical symptoms; it includes your whole well-being—mind, body, and spirit. We mix old cupping methods with a whole health view, thinking about how all parts of your health are connected.

We Help You Stay Healthy

Why Choose Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy offers a non-invasive approach to promote circulation, alleviate muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being. Its time-tested effectiveness and natural healing properties make it a compelling choice for anyone seeking alternative wellness practices in Chiang Mai.


Our reputation comes from years of trust and success. We have been helping all kinds of people in Chiang Mai, both locals and tourists. This has given us a strong place in the community.

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Ancient Techniques

We are dedicated to keeping the traditions of ancient cupping alive. We continually learn and adjust to ensure these old methods are as effective as possible for your treatment.


Personalized Care

Our expert practitioner make custom treatment plans for your exact needs. We're here to give you the special care you need on your way to better health and more movement.

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Chiang Mai Location

Making things easy for you is important to us. Located in the lively middle of Chiang Mai, our clinic is easy to get to whether you live here or are just visiting Thailand.

Our Practitioner Launa

Launa has more than a decade of experience as both an osteopath and a naturopath, making her highly skilled in diverse healthcare fields such as cupping. Her career has led her to various roles in the UK, including osteopathic clinics, sports health centers, and even an Ayurvedic wellness facility.

When you visit Launa at our Thai clinic, expect personalized care that’s tailored just for you. Whether you’re dealing with physical discomfort or simply want to boost your overall well-being, Launa’s comprehensive approach aims to refresh and rejuvenate you. If you’re eager to start your journey to better health, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Launa.

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How Cupping Works

Cupping works by creating a gentle vacuum on your skin’s surface with specially designed cups. This suction effect draws up your skin and underlying tissues, increasing blood flow and promoting relaxation. As a result, cupping can help ease muscle tension, alleviate pain, and enhance your overall sense of well-being. It’s a time-tested practice that’s as effective as it is soothing, making it a popular choice for those seeking natural healing and relaxation.

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Questions & Bookings

UPDATE: Launa is currently in Koh Phangan until her return to Chiang Mai on August 1st 2024.

Until then, she is also available for online naturopathic sessions.

Thank you.