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Welcome to Womb Massage Chiang Mai, Thailand. We offer fertility support, relief from discomfort, and promote rejuvenating womb health. Dive deep into relaxation with the assistance of our massage therapist.

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Discover the Benefits of Womb Massage

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Improves Blood Circulation

Massaging the womb improves blood flow in the pelvic area, which benefits the reproductive organs. This helps with menstrual cramps, inflammation, and overall reproductive health. Womb massage also helps remove toxins and waste products in the uterus, which promotes a healthier environment for conception and general health.

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Eases Muscular Tension

Womb massage makes the muscles around the uterus relax, which can help get rid of tension and stress. Things like not moving around much, feeling stress, or having bad posture can make the muscles in the pelvic area tight. Womb massage can work on these muscles to make you feel better and more relaxed. By doing this, it could help you get pregnant. Plus, when you feel less stressed from the massage, it can boost your mental health too.

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Enhances Hormonal Balance

Massaging the uterus can help regulate hormones, which can be helpful for women with issues like irregular periods or PCOS. This type of massage encourages a balanced hormonal system, leading to more regular periods and a healthier reproductive system.

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Why Choose Womb Massage?

Our womb massage therapist makes custom therapy plans, focusing on your unique needs. We ensure you get the care you deserve, helping you on your journey to better health and well-being.

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Massage Training

Our reputation is built on years of trust and results. We have met the diverse needs of both locals and visitors in Chiang Mai, earning us a strong reputation in the community.

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Ancient Techniques

The art of womb massage holds ancient wisdom. We maintain tradition by carefully keeping our practices and methods, making sure you experience the most genuine and helpful therapies.

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Personalized Care

Our womb massage therapist create customized therapy plans, focusing on your specific needs. We guarantee you get the care you merit, aiding your path to improved health and well-being.

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Chiang Mai Location

Ease of access is central to our services. Situated in the lively center of Chiang Mai, our center is readily available, whether you’re a resident or simply visiting Thailand.

Our Practitioner Launa

Launa is an extraordinary and passionate expert in osteopathy and womb massage, with over a decade of experience in various health fields. Her remarkable journey includes working in different roles in the UK, such as an osteopath, a sports wellness hub, and a holistic Ayurvedic center. Today, she brings her expertise to our facility in Thailand, where she wholeheartedly supports her clients’ well-being.

Launa has a holistic approach that goes beyond treating physical pain. It aims to enhance your general wellness and bring balance to your body and mind. Empower your health and experience the benefits of a personalized session with Launa.

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How Womb Massage Works

Womb massage is a type of gentle massage that focuses on your tummy and pelvis. It helps to move your organs naturally and boost blood flow, which can ease tension. This can help to improve your hormonal balance, reproductive health, and your general health. The massage can give your body a better chance to align itself and improve energy and blood flow. Womb massage is a natural way to help you feel better, without having to undergo any invasive procedures.

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Questions & Bookings

UPDATE: Launa is currently in Koh Phangan until her return to Chiang Mai on August 1st 2024.

Until then, she is also available for online naturopathic sessions.

Thank you.